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      Shenzhen Senndai Electronic Material Co.,LTD. specializes in the research and development of conductive carbon paste, is the development, production, sales of conductive carbon slurry in a body specialized manufacturers, and its products are mainly used in printed circuit board (PCB), carbon potentiometer, flexible circuit board (FCB), membrane switch, zebra, far-infrared heating and other industries.
      The company has a number of technical personnel, and through many domestic famous universities conducted extensive technical exchanges and cooperation, set many years of experience and tireless efforts, relying on advanced technology as the driving force for our customers to produce high-quality conductive carbon paste while the company has laboratories, advanced test equipment and advanced detection equipment, product quality assurance to provide all aspects.
      Companies adhering to the "visionary, public long before Bo, inheritance and innovation, the pursuit of first-class" philosophy, strong technical force, strict quality management, sincere service attitude, strive to meet customer needs, develop their own clients in promoting development. Welcome you to join our growing network of customers, and our common development and build a great cause, create win-win!